Peter Vey

Mr. Vey was raised in the northeast in the town where M&Ms are made. After a classical education in art history at Duke University, he moved to Florida where he now lives and paints.

A love of the landscape and foliage in and around the tropics has inspired a poetic journal of canvases of Peter’s vision ever since. His unique view, fresh colors, and mastery of painting technique result in works remarkable for their sense of place. The ambience in Peter’s paintings is like the atmosphere in which he creates them, echoing the vibrant light of the sun drenched tropics.

Vey’s palette knife technique is unusual in that he sculpts in a painterly manner rather than decorating with the thick lush colors of the southern latitudes. His works exude lush floral details, formal architectural patterns, and intricate almost abstract flowery geometric forms. Peter has created what is simply a satisfying visual statement.