Rupert Garcia

Rupert García first gained notice for his political posters dealing with race, politics and the Vietnam War. Since then, his silkscreen posters, etchings and paintings have been featured in hundreds of exhibitions.

Since 1967, Rupert García has been known for a prodigious production of graphic works that have inspired, shocked, informed, and pleased his audience. García has been a leader of the Chicano art movement almost since its inception. His works include paintings and pastels, but it is through his graphic works that García is best known. Through simple lines, flat composition, and commercial appeal, which seem to echo the pop art movement but which are taken to new levels of simplicity of form, García is able to powerfully convey a message with a minimal image. If, as was often expounded by David Alfaro Siqueiros, the great Mexican muralist, art should serve the masses, García’s works show exactly how that can be done in a contemporary flat style that in many cases deceives as figuration.
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