Album 1

Seton Smith, High Moon, Cibachrome on plexi, 72 x 48 inches  (182.9 x 121.9 cm)Judy Ledgerwood, Untitled, , Each panel measuring: 7.5 feet x 12 feetDan Steinhilber, Untitled Interactive Khene Instrument Sculpture, , Finished dimensions and weight to be determined upon fabrication and site installation; the area dimensions of bamboo poles will be approximately 14' x 16' x 14'Phaeng, The Kingdom of Nagas, 100% Silk, 71 x 154 cmAnne Crumpacker, Ancient Luminary, Antique bamboo from traditional Japanese houses, acrylic, wood, LED lighting, 60Penelope Umbrico, 21,377,181 Suns from Sunset from Flickr (Partial) 05/21/2014, C-prints, 48 x 96 inches / unique setJane Hammond, All Souls (Laos), Gouache, acrylic paint, handmade papers, graphite, colored pencil, archival digital prints and mixed media, 72 (height)  x 66 (width) x 4 (depth) inchesLyn Horton, The Naga #2, Site Specific black velvet rope drawing installation on interior wall attached with brads., Approx. 16ft x 16ft  - exact dimensions variable.Somsanith Nithakhong Tiao David, The procession of nine auspicious leaves
The Procession series, Gold, silver, and bronze threads Silk and cotton threads, natural dye Natural leaves, the badamier trees, 90 cm x 45 cmSomsanith Nithakhong Tiao David, Inner Self and Outer World, Gold and silver thread embroidery o Lao natural dyed silk, 47 1/4/ x 81 1/8/ in
120 x 206 cmJ. Ivcevich, Blue Mandala Diptych I, Acrylic Relief On Linen, Overall: 31 13/16 x 56 x 1 13/16 in. (80.8 x 142.2 x 4.6 cm)Noot, Harvest Organza, 100% Silk, 72 x 250 cmAra Peterson, Untitled, Wood, paint, screws, glue, screws, 30” x 25’ x 4”(depth) and break down in 5 to 7 panelsAnonymous, Untitled,Anonymous, Untitled, Tai handwoven cotton blanketMarisa Darasavath, Sunset, Oil On Canvas, 160 x 140 cmTaykeo Sayavongkhamdy, Untitled, vintage silk weavingOlazone Soukpatumvane, Fafanang, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 120 cm