2010 Exchange

Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern

"The visiting artist program was an extraordinary experience. As a Luso-American, I have a deeper, richer understanding of both cultures with this experience."
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Jefferson Pinder

Jefferson Pinder visited Khartoum, Sudan from November 24 through 26, 2010. He was invited to the Embassy to explain a work that was stirring up controversy in the community. His visit was punctuated by talks on the piece to which Embassy officials and members of the Sudanese art community were invited. The spirited discussions brought...
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Lucas Reiner

American artist Lucas Reiner visited Riga, Latvia from March 27th through April 1, 2010 during which time her met with member of the artistic community and gave a public lecture at the Art Academy of Latvia. He also met with graphic design professors from the school and at the end of his visit, a reception...
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