Neil Adamson

Connecticut native Neil Adamson, a Florida resident since 1950, has established himself as an artist devoted to capturing the disappearing wilderness, wildlife and shoreline from Florida to New England. Adamson’s career has included commercial art, art director, photographer, fire fighter, scuba diver, construction worker and classic car restorer. Then, in 1972, he decided to devote his full time to painting.

Adamson has explored remote areas in search of subject matter for his paintings, including the St. Mary’s area of Georgia, where, with it’s marina and ferryboat, he found the shape of the old building perfect for “Coastal Marina.” Adamson’s realistic style of painting shows fidelity for natural appearances without being blindly imitative of minute detail.

A signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society, Adamson has garnered praise and over 200 awards throughout his career. He was one of only 200 artists nationwide selected to exhibit at Walt Disney World’s First Annual Art Show in Orlando in 1975. His work has been exhibited at the National Academy Gallery in New York and has been on loan as part of the St. Petersburg Museum’s Art Embassy Program. Adamson’s work may be found in collections throughout North America, Greece, Germany, Saudi Arabia, England and Switzerland.