Photo credit – Armando Franca, staff/AP

Geneva - Switzerland

At a time of great international, geopolitical and environmental challenges, a Geneva gallery is hosting an exhibition to promote the ideals of democracy. Committed singer Joan Baez is one of the artists who contributed to it. The event intends to illustrate the “soft power” of Washington.
On a painting, a piece of cut-out canvas reveals the void in place of a child who has disappeared in his mother’s arms. This representation of the murderous violence of which minorities are victims rubs shoulders with a collage of electoral flyers and photographs, symbolizing the emancipation of blacks in the United States. Opposite, we meet the gaze of Eleanor Roosevelt, a figure of human rights, painted by the famous singer and artist Joan Baez.

This exhibition, centered on the theme of defending democratic ideals such as freedom and equality, is organized by the US State Department. It is open to the public at the Xippas gallery in Geneva.

AuthorRTS CH