© Photo: Courtesy of U.S. Embassy Colombo

Cindy Shih’s cross-cultural creations

By Anuradha Kodagoda
In a charming fusion of Italian fresco techniques and Chinese brush painting, artist Cindy Shih traverses the complex interplay between tradition, identity, and narrative. Her journey, rooted in her Taiwanese heritage and immigrant experience, unfolds through layers of Venetian plaster, Sumi ink, and vivid pigments, each stroke echoing the whispers of nature and the echoes of her own story.

Recently, the US Embassy hosted an exhibition of Cindy’s evocative artworks at their residency, underscoring the universal resonance of her themes.

Youth Observer had the opportunity to dig into Cindy’s world, exploring the depths of her creative process and her life’s artistic journey.

Born in Taiwan and immigrating to Los Angeles at the tender age of three, Cindy’s artistic journey began with her father’s teachings in Chinese calligraphy. This early immersion in traditional art forms laid the foundation for her unique artistic voice, blending Eastern and Western influences into a harmonious symphony of cultural expression.

At the recent welcome reception Julie J. Chung, Ambassador of the United States, lauded Cindy’s ability to bridge cultures and spark dialogue through her art. In a world often divided by boundaries, Cindy’s creations serve as a pillar of unity and understanding, offering glimpses into the shared human experience that transcends nationality and ethnicity.Read More

AuthorThe Sunday Observer