RISD Morocco project students and Jim Drain

RI School of Design creates US embassy art

Stonington – Inside the La Grua Center Friday afternoon, art became a truly cooperative process.

Five individuals worked together in silence on a single, enormous canvas. One woman dabbed orange onto her brush. Another slid a line of yellow onto the work. Once the participants added something, they tended to step back and appraise where the overall piece was going, while another artist stepped up for his or her turn.

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RI School of Design creates US embassy art
Students at the Rhode Island School of Design are getting a crash course in international diplomacy as they work with a professional sculptor on artwork for a new U.S. Embassy in Morocco. The collaboration with the U.S. State Department’s ART in Embassies program is a first for the premiere arts school in Providence. It’s given nine hand-picked students the chance to put their talents to use for Uncle Sam. “On the one hand it’s a little scary, because it does put pressure on you,” said Bayne Peterson, a 27 year-old graduate student from Boston. “But I’m looking at it as a real opportunity to do something special.” Miami artist Jim Drain is leading the class. He plans to incorporate the students’ ideas in a large sculpture for a new embassy building in Rabat, Morocco. Construction is slated to end by 2015. The new Embassy will replace an outdated facility in the North African nation. To read the full article, click here.

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