Helping Hands - Ambassador Heffern's Video Blog - Episode 36

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0:18 but abscess
0:19 last year when my wife Libby and I arrived embassy Irvine
0:22 we help set up a community service organization called helping hands
0:27 helping hand is a group of Armenian in american embassy staff
0:31 to get together you to do projects in the region so far we’ve done several
0:35 projects in the areas of health
0:37 environment and working with young people with disabilities
0:41 our embassy at the bake sale every couple months
0:44 to raise money for the upcoming events the Armenian to the American steak and
0:48 so it would have to leave
0:49 and savories and these are sold through donations
0:52 to give the community
1:05 cool spring more than fourteen members over and thus a community where
1:08 to harbor orphans there are we paint branches
1:12 force wind also entertain to her in October helping hands went to the
1:18 Christian village
1:19 and work for the community to paint the doors windows and market children to
1:23 install and
1:24 Maryland auditory
1:34 pecans partnered with Armenian hi fair project in providing
1:37 he just when you can five of them what about to argue adults and children at
1:42 the orphanage of North Harbour’s and precaution community
1:45 long as Armenian I care center our committee members also provided
1:50 health-related services this summer about sixty nurses
1:54 from of carpet weight training for sixth grade by Allah certified
1:58 instructors they also during the larger than a shit is this
2:02 timber participated in the entire letter campaign and helped plan
2:06 rest on board what with it was important reporting and really fun
2:25 as you can see our current project is a clothing drive it’s a community has
2:29 donated
2:30 these clothing items and and they will be given to i’m for
2:33 I’m cold then distribute the clothing to various villages and communities around
2:38 Armenia